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About us

Welcome on Pastel King site, thank you for your kind visit. These pages are pages of humble, may be less experienced but even more keen Kingsnake breeders, especially Pastel Kings breeders. Pastel King is special strain of Kingsnakes, actualy improved hybrid line of Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri (extremly orange form) X Lampropeltis ruthveni (albino form), which came to us from Steve Osborne from San Diego.

Neo - náš první odchovaný sameček Pastel Kinga

On these pages we would like to introduce these beautiful Kingsnakes to you, as well as other Kingsnakes we breed too. Beginners can find here even some tip or trick, which can help them w/ their snakes. If you will find here anything missing or wrong then pls let us know, we are grateful for any report or remark from you. The same for theme or info which you are looking for and would like to find it here. Thank you,

Radim & Martina Soukup

Radim & Martina Soukup
Prague 5 - Stodulky

Skype : radim_soukup
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