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Tips and tricks

Start feeding up of hatchlings

Approximatly 3-5 days after first shed try to offer to hatchling as small pinkie as possible. If pinkie still untouched till next day then try it again after another 2 days. If not even afterward nothing happend, then try first trick from your pocket called "littlen box", it means : put hatchling in very smal box (let's say about 10 x 10 x 5cm) together with pinkie (pls do not forget about a few holes allowing breathing and put box into max darkness for a few hours. Very often it works perfectly. If not then try to offer dead pinkie, first time normaly then in small box and darkness. If still not successful then next step is offering a pinkie divided longitudinaly, again first time normaly then in small box and darkness. Odour of blood and brain works almost in 100% cases and will provoke snake to attack. Also there is possibility to use special reptile scenting on pinkie, but to be honest in our case this method was quite unsuccessful.

Escaping skills of snaks

Really pls DO NOT underestime them, they are incredible. For young snakes is quite enough only 3mm spacing between glasses. Because their ribs are exceptionaly flexible and jaws as you know have more parts and are very flex too. Very often are snakes able to prepare/create escape way themselves by pulling etc. and even remember for next time. I would not believe.. But I have seen it. Not mentionich that they are able to climb up practicaly anything. So make sure that your vivarium is escpapeproof and do not forget to close doors/cover really till the last possible postion.

Where to look after escaped snake?

First of all try to search for snake near the vivarium and then warmer and humid places. Adult Kingsnake can (in case that it has access to water) live in your flat/house even more than half year, so it's probable that you will meet it on one of its numerous night walks.. But still I recommend to shuffle half of flat and find it earlier. However count on with possibility that you will never find it, it's still small snake and can hide practically anywhere..

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