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We are going back to Thayeri today. It comes to Rick's ones. Unfortunetly photos of his this year hatchlings are not so good as it were in previous years so sorry for that. They are darker, so it's not so visible how beautiful high orange color they have as is usual with Rick's Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri. However as we remarked recently we are interested here mostly in genetic potentional which they are supposed to carry regarding aberrancy. As first one we will show you our most beautiful partialy aberrant male. Here we go..

LmtRm 1st 14


Today we will continue with our introduction of snakes which we are gonna import in December. To breake monopoly of thayeri a little bit we will interrupt it for a little while and will show you L.p.pyromelana applegate male who is really nice, he quite even exceeds standards of applegate beauty. Just check him out and I think that you will agree. He will arrive to us in pair with ph female. Unfortunetly we do not have her photo, but be assured that she looks like normal nominate L.p.pyromelana, no possible to distinguish her from normal Lampropeltis pyromelana pyromelana.

Lpp Applegate


Our most adorable and most beautiful this year whelp had celebrated her 7th month in this world.. Some drink was necessary of course.. so incredible night.. but next morning.. ;)



If you have thought that it's all for today, then we have some nice surprise for you. Tim Gebhard from Vivid Reptiles was so nice and he provided us with parents photos of our coming thayeri. Only of one is her proud daddy missing.. but can cheer us up that by desription it was orange male with very narrow bands. Parents photos we have added below already published photos of our coming thayeri :)


Last hatchling from Vivid Reptiles.. female which is not so nice as the first one, but still we like her a lot and we expect a lot from her due to her parents.



She is still from Vivid Reptiles, but completly different one.. F1 female, which can carry interesting genes, we will see. That's why we made some exception regarding our requirement for strong and bright red color and diminished black color.



Another male from Vivid Reptiles. See yourself.. there is something in him.. Orange color is so strong that is almost resembling red color. Male is unfortunetly in shed on photo.



And here is awesome little male from Vivid Reptiles. We wish to have also females exactly like him, but unfortunetly no any were available.. pity..



We start to introduce our Lampropeltis Mexicana Thayeri import today. Beside Pastels they will be our largest breeding group. We have got already 1,2 group from Gerrit from Germany and from USA we will get another two breeding groups : 2,3 from Tim from Vivid Reptiles and 2,3 from Rick from Neverenough.
Thayeri from Gerrit are moreless average orange form, but from which from time to time some outstanding (regarding color and sometimes even pattern) beuaties hatches out.
Thayeri from Vivid Reptiles have incredible credibility and are famous among lampropeltis society and not only because of their beauty (Tim's bloodlines are known for their bright red color, very solid, nice orange color and max reduced black color), but also because of their pure origin, as Tim is very strict to have all his breeders from wild caught ones and in exceptional cases from breeding groups where is crystaly clear documented and trusted w/o any doubt pure bloodline, no hybrids, not uknown parents.
Thayeri from Rick are even more solid orange animals, which unfortunetly do not have reduced black, but on the other hand they are known to incline quite a lot to be partialy aberrant and to carry genes which are very promising, so in spite of fact that our snakes are only partialy aberrant we can assume that between their babies we will find fully aberrant (leopard/jaguar) one from time to time. Quite convincing is also fact that our colleague and friend Mr. Chadima is acquirring a pair from Rick as well.
But let's stop speaking of it and let's take a look on first picture. Here is first thayeri female from Vivid Reptiles, she is milkphase (MSP), actualy we prefer leonis one, but unfortunetly not any was available in quality we are looking for.



Here is our last one female hog. Incredibly colored female, here we are almost sure that she is Extreme Red Albino form.

Extreme hog


Here we go with our first, but not the last female to be in group with yesterday's male. Form is the same as of male below.

Albino hog


We are still working on changes, but it is "unexpectingly" taking much more time than we assumed. So probably we will first of all change layout of our pages and then we will add new ones pages one by one as it will be finished. Time of brumation is almost here do we are preparing for it and feeding our yearlings as much as possible. But first of all we are unpatiently looking forward to our newcomers which will enlarge our collection hopefully within three weeks or so. At this time they are still lurking somewhere in USA, most of them on western coast.. And as we are really unpatient and nothing can multiple happiness as much as sharing so we will introduce each day one of our comming snakes.
And we will start with hogs, because we have already received quite a lot questions from you regarding them. Here is first of them. It's male who was born this year. Latin name is Heterodon Nasicus Nasicus and form Red Albino, may be even Extreme Red Albino, but time will prove it if yes or no. We would like to kindly ask you to forgive us qlty of some photos. Breeder sometime did them in haste to let us have at least idea how that snakes look like before our decision if to take it or not.

Albino hog


Changes already announced before had got some concrete shape and just today we have finished structure of our new pages. You can check it out here. It's an easy to survey sitemap. Changes will be taking their place within whole November, so we would like to ask you for your patience with some errors, malfunctions and limitations which will happen for sure within that time. And as usual we will apreciate your hints and comments regarding future layout and content of our web site, still not too late yet. You can send them to our email.


We have done some photos of Fry, our Pastel King male who is father of most of our hatchlings. Here we attach one.



We are adding another photo from Houten. This time it's photo of Michel and his girlfriend who are (as Filip is) the ones of the best breeders of albino hognoses (heterodons) in Europe. Beside them is photo of curious friend of Mr. Chadima, who had arrived to show from Czech as we did and decided to take our photo :) So.. revenge? ;)



Behold.. it is time to celebrate today.. Our little sweetie just reached her first half year in this world.. let's great feast begin.. :)



Today we have decided that we will go a few of our Pastels, actualy three of them. There will be special auction which will be available for our mostly Czech visitors.


Here is another Houten photo. This time you can see there Filip Longhitana, who is the one of the best breeders of albino hognoses (heterodons) in Europe.

Filip Longhitano


We are going to tell you about that the only one Kingsnake which we were insterested in in Houten, as we have promised yesterday. It's Lampropeltis triangulum nelsoni Tyrosin + albino, it's very new and therefor very rare form, plus it's very beautiful indeed. Price of such kingsnake is in range between 1.000 and 2.000 euros each one. And now.. surprise : Although we did not intent to acquire them we have succeeded in it, we have got an offer to get them where part of trade was pair of our Pastels (female #6 and male #9) and we have agreed. In Europe there are two breeders of this rare form L.t.nelsoni T+ albino we know about. One is located in Czech and one in France, where has this rare form its origin and from where our pair is coming from, directly from its breeder-founder. In USA where usually all new morphs are comming from is this special form presented only in the only one snake which crossed border to USA just a month ago. At this very moment we are considering/hesitating if we will put this special form in our breeding plan or if we will pass it further, but very probably we will put it unintendly in our breeding plan.

Male T+ Female T+


We just got back from Houten Snake Day yesterday (actualy today morning). It was quite tiring trip but it was worth of it :) So many snakes in the same place at the same moment you cannot see anywhere in the Europe. Especially regarding venomous snakes, which are actualy forbidden at all other bigger European shows. But we are interested mainly in Kingsnakes and a little also in other Colubridae, especially in albino Western Hognoses (Heterodon nasicus nasicus) recently and they were of course here too. Pastels were not there as were not in Hamm too. And even any other kingsnakes we could be interested in were not there. Hold on.. except The One.. we will tell you about it more tomorrow. Hognoses were there in quite bigger numbers, but not in such color morph we are interested in and which should (hopefuly) arrive to us from USA, California soon. A few hognoses were a little bit close, but really only a few and a little close, plus their prices were too high. We took also some pictures today so we will share them with you within a time. And here we go with first one, there you can see two members of our Houten Crew in hotel near to Houten in evening before the show. On the left you can see Mr. Vaclav Chadima and on the right Mr. Petr Jelinek.



So most of our this year hatchlings are sold and we still have only 0,2 Ltca and 2,3 Lra. Last two hatchlings were leaving us equiped with box and water bowl for its first half of year, sometimes even year. From this moment we would like to equip all our snakes which are about to leave us to travel the world :) and later on we will add also caresheet which is a must. These things are something what our hatchlings (and of course their new owners) are receiving for free and what should make their (and owners) life easier and that's what matter :)


We are sorry for a little bit longer pause. No time.. as usual.. So briefly :


We have been in Hamm for the first time today. Quite long way in spite of fact that almost all the time by highway. But it's worth of it. It's soooo big.. it's said that it's even bigger than Daytona.. I cannot say.. I did not see Daytona. Our original plan was to take a lot of photos and share them with you here, but at the end we did not get time for it.. It's very big and breeders from whole Europe are there, also incredible number of visitors.. hard to see everything and get everywhere.. because each square feet is ocuppied by 2 visitors and 1 breeder :)) Definetly we can only recommend to you. Here we would like to thank to Mr. Chadima and Albinosnakes for their assistance within this our adventuring journey.. :)
A lot of snakes, but only a few, or even better to say no any which was interesting for us enough to buy.. which at the end is quite good because we are about to import another 17 snakes and in fact we have not enough place here. At the begining we were quite unhappy that we could not see there any Pastels.. but at the end we are happy with that as it's quite advantage to be the only one with Pastels on the European market :) But let's see next month in Houten :)
Not to fall you down completely we attach here the only photo we have made in Hamm.. Gerrit on the left and Mr. Chadima on the right :)



We are still on pills and trying to get over the fact that in last Pastel clutch we have got 4 times more males than females.. :) Actualy it does not help but those pink crocodiles in our living room are really funny.


So totaly only 5 Pastels hatched, two of them orange and three creame ones. Actualy we prefer orange ones, so it did not make us happy, but on the other hand there needs to be said that especially in adult age it's more about creame Pastels which have more contrast colors/pattern, so we are trying to calm ourselves by that. And it's moreless working so our psychical health is not damaged as badly as it could be.. But where is difficult to find appropriate word, which are not starting by "F" is fact that only one of our new pastels is a female.. (luckily the orange one). At the end.. what we can do about.. man got to be happy with any PK hatchling from 2nd clutch as 2nd clutch of PK is quite unexpected bonus.. :) Photos of new Pastels we will post after their shed.


Last six Pastel's eggs started to hatch just today. First is already watching around, 2nd one is at work with scissors and last four are still probably busy with reading something interesting.., as far as we have Wi-Fi here, so it can be our website what they are reading.. ;) If everything go on as it should then there will be totaly 17 Pastel Kingsnakes hatched in here this year. It's 2 more then we have bought so far :)


Due to minimal reactions/feedback from our foreign visitors we are thinking about minimizing of eng version. Pls let us know your thoughts. Final decision will be made in the middle of October.


We had stopped inquiry regarding ideas of new content of our webpages. It was replaced by inquiry regarding our best PK hatchling 2008 (PK list incl. photos you can find here).
Also we have decided to let go another ones two older snakes, 3y old male of L. ruthveni albino and 1 year old L.t.c. apricot, which we originally kept for our own breeding program. But we decided recently that we will not expand our Ltca breeding group to have more space for our Pastels. Offer of these older snakes you can find in Offer 2008 as usual.


We were very carefully selecting PK male which we will let go.. and very probably our final decision is gonna be #9. And here is photo of our champion in right corner :)

PK Male


We have sold one of our snakes today. It's normal.. but this time it was not hatchling, it was older snake - Ltc from Mr. Chadima. She spent three years with us under roof. She provided us with 5 hatchlings this year. So she is sort of member of our family.. she was.. actualy. It was not easy to let her go, but her new owners seem to be good, symphatic and experienced breeders, so it was easier due to this. So.. Farewell our dear Kulicka, a lot of luck in rest of your life.


In last days we did not pay a lot of attention to our news section update and it will not be different even today. But at least we will uncover a little bit what we are up to in here :

1] Some of our inquiries will be finished and conclusions made based on its results, see below
2] We will tell you which PK male will be sold and how
3] We will create inquiry for our most beautiful PK hatchling 2008
4] We will tell you what changes in our web design and content are ahead of us
5] We will go public with our idea regarding our PK sale in next year
6] We will start to go public with our breeding plan
7] We will show you beauties we have already imported this year and which we are about to import yet
8] We will introduce first version of our list of all kingsnake kinds incl. latin, english and czech names
9] We will introduce first version of our care sheet


We are starting to take pictures of all of our adult snakes to be able to show you parents of offered hatchlings and of course also to show you all that beauty which we have got in our vivs and which we are proud of. On photo bellow is prof. Provazek, CB05 from Mr. Chadima, who is (Provazek, not Mr. Chadima) father to all of our Ltc(a). He has got very bright and regular colors, no affected by black tipping at all, actually he is better looking in reality than on photos.

Ltca Male


Last two this year hatchlings of Ltca just hatched today. But man never know.. may be Ltca will surprise us yet in the same way as Pastels, their last 6 eggs are the very last which are waiting alone in incubator for their big day D. Btw, try to count what time it took for last campbellis to hatch since their eggs were hatched. Unbelievable, is not it?


We are sort of celebrating today. So here is something for you too for joy. You can see photo of Pastel King we have imported from UK, from UK-hybrids. It's that the very same one about which we were so happy in previous news. We already have a name for him - Paul.



Typically one of our snakes we brought from UK is probably unfortunetly male and not female we wanted. Breeder from who we got this snake turned out to be more than honest and he compensated our loss in more than acceptable way. Thank you Pete. We got lucky or it's common between breeders, but so far we were in touch only with reliable and honest breeders/partners.
Pls note that from today we had decided to translate and publish in english version of these pages only things which might be relevat for people outside CZ, thank you for understanding.


We took pictures of all our this year hatchlings yesterday. So we have available all photos we did promise to you long long time ago :) We took pictures of all 11 pastels, pending 5 Lpp, pending 3 albino Lr and pending 5 Ltc apricot. All photos you can find in section Offer 2008. Our favourite in pastels is female #1, but here we attach photo of female #5, which is a little bit sharper.



It's still bad with photos, so we attach photo of our PK female yearling Trinity II. Interesting on pastels is that within first half year or year their colors are changing. It's not about significant changes, it's more about brightness and shade of color, but even this changes can do quite a lot in complete impression. Not all the time it's change to better, but in very most cases it is. But what is always good change is when transparently pink color (or better say no color) is turned to solid milk white or even reflex yellow color. For example this female was an average colored snake within first half year.. but her colors turned to cool ones now.



We are back from our trip. We got with us 4 new Kings from two UK breeders. There are : this year female, last year male, CB05 male and one hatchling we are not sure if male or female, but probably male. All of them are nice creatures in good condition, hatchlings already eating. Especially we must compliment older male from Paul, with all respect to all our partners we must say, that so far we did not see snake in better shape and condition, strong and well grown. Of course it's too early for conslusions, we will see after quarantine and first descendants, but so far impression is pretty huge in spite of fact that actualy it's not exactly the snake which fit to our breedig plans (due to color) and we took him only because of different bloodline. We owe you a lot of photos already, so we attach at least one family one from UK :)



We are travelling from 23rd till 28th July with limited access to mailbox and mobile. So we would like to ask you for patience till we are back. Thank you.


Today just hatched 5 lampropeltis triangulum campbelli apricot. There are 2 males and three females.


Our honey Barborka reached her first quarter (1/4 year) in this world just today. And that's reason for nice laughing, is not it? :)



Our Pastel Mothership laid her 2nd clutch just today. Seven eggs is there and 6 of them look quite good, so it seems that our PK hatchlings number is not final one yet.. :) Mothership is unbelievale breeder, the day she had come to us is blessed one :) But nothing is for free, she is very exhausted now and deserve all our care which we can provide her with.


Last 11th Pastel King just hatched out. Final score is 8 orange hatchlings and 3 cream white. We even did not hope for such nice result regarding qty and colors. On photo below you can see all eleven hatchlings from Mothership's clutch. Unfortunetly they are in heavy shed now. ASAP after shed we will take photos of PK hatchlings one by one and will place in Offer section in spite of fact that with highest probability we will not sell any of them but keep them all.



First five Pastel Kings of total eleven just finished their hatching out. They are beautiful. We have two favourites there, the most orange one (on the right on photo below) and surprisingly also that cream white one with butterfly pattern, in spite of fact that our goal are extreme orange or extremly pink pastels with reflexive yellow color on background if possible.



All five L.p.pyromelana hatched just yesterday. And guess what? First half of our PK clutch started to hatch yesterday.. So far first two orange babies are out of the eggs and another two cream and one orange are watching the world from their cutted eggs.. :) Sorry for no photos yet, but we are quite busy in these days, will try asap.


First three Lampropeltis pyromelana pyromelana finished their hatching today. Another five of them we expect to start hatching any moment. We will add their photos as well as photos of newly hatched Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli apricot and Lampropeltis ruthveni, today or tomorrow. We expect Pastel Kings to start hatching next week, so we could not wait to see them.. :)



We have added two polls on homepage and one shoutboard. First poll is sort of sympathy competion regarding snakes we breed. Second is most important for us, we plan to work on our web and would like to know what you prefer to start with. On shoutboard we would like to read your comments regarding our site.


Also all pending Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli apricot just hatched. And our this year first Lampropeltis pyromelana pyromelana just showed its head out of the egg. Except that we expect 2nd clutch from Pastel King mama pro Mothership. We are a little bit worry about her.. she is sort of exhausted, but we hope that she will make it w/o any problem. Theoretically we can expect a clutch also from pyromelans.


All another 3 Lampropeltis ruthveni are hatched already and another 3 Campbelli apricot are just starting to hatch. Also our apric female laid today her 2nd clutch, 4 eggs are there, but seem to be not fertilized..


Today started to hatch another ones Lampropeltis ruthveni - albino.


All L.ruthveni just hatched, not including another 3 eggs which still in incubator yet and which should hatch after week+. Photos of all 5 Lampropeltis ruthveni hatchlings you can find here



Lampropeltis ruthveni - albino form started hatching just today. So far two of them are out of their eggs, one is watching world from the egg and two of them did not cut their egg surface yet...


All 7 L.t.c. apricot are already hatched and vitaly checking their boxes now.. :) Photo of each of them you can fin in Offer 2008 details (apricot).


First five snakes finally hatched. You can find their photos in Offer 2008 details and photo of first this year snake you can see below. Another two snakes are hatching and should be out of eggs tomorrow latest. All of them of course L.t.c. apricot.



First this year hatchlings have started to hatch just today. Mr. Koralek is proud mother of them of course, as she had laid her eggs as first. So brand new Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli apricot hatchlings are coming to this world and nothing will stop them :)


We just finished English version of our site. Everything is translated, except Articles. In fact English version is a little bit more up to date and accurate than a czech one, now. English is probably the only one language in which we will have pages except Czech. May be some German and Russian pages in veeeery distant future, but we do not think so. So our dear english speaking friends.. enjoy and let us know your thoughts or any mistake or wrongs we did, we are open to any comment.


Quite unexpectingly another 4 eggs from Mr. Koralek, one of eggs was not good, so let's count only three.. So in total we got 55 eggs this year (till now), but only about approx 45 of them we can say that we can expect some hatchlings there.


So let's start with happiest event : My better me (my wife) was today successful on university with Math 2 exam, very demanding exam, my public congrats :) Another good news is that Leela finaly laid eggs, totaly 7 eggs in clutch. Less good news is that two of that eggs are too small and obviously not fertilized, also even another 5 eggs seem to be not fertilized almost for sure. The only solace is that previous 11 eggs from PK Mothership are doing great. Mothership really proved her name. It's a honor and happiness to have her in breeding program.


A little bit unexpectingly Kulicka (L.t.c.) provided us witch 5 eggs. Congrats to her first clutch ever :) And also we wait a little bit unpatiently for Leela's clutch.. :) Btw, we will probably redo our webpages to made them more easy to survey. Plus another news, our article about Reptiles import will be published in FAUNA magazine soon and also in iFauna .


Today we got back from our illuminative trip named "Barborka Tour 2008". It was quite successful action, all events were sold out. After our return we have found sheded Leela, so it should not take too long time to get a clutch. We are only a little bit worry about Mothership she is not too keen to eat.. in fact she eats almost nothing.


Tragedy. We ran out of red pencil, so we cannot underline chapters names with red color (Czech joke, in fact quotation from very popular theatre show). :DD No, it's even worse, today Mr. Chadime had visited us and because he thought it's quite strange that Lisa (Lpk2) rejects any attempt from Bart to have a sex, so he probed her again and found out that.. yes.. how else.. she is a he.. male. How you can see it's happening quite regulary in here.. To be sure we have checked our daughter Barborka again.. but she seems to be ok.. fortunately. Anyway it's sad that by this our only Lpk2 female is Marge which is so thin that she can almost get back in her original egg... just kidding, but in fact our only chance is to feed her up...


Today our worthy mother Mothership (Pastel King) showed her best. She is really worthy of her name, today she had laid 11 nice healthy eggs. Now we wait only for Leela, yet. She is before shed, so we need to wait a few days/weeks for her eggs. There will be less eggs for sure than has Mothership, but hopefuly she will be able to put together some 7 braves ones :)


Total number of eggs is 28. Because today laid another 5 eggs our second pyromelana named Ramik. By this there are pending only two Pastels and our clutches will be complete. From Mothership we expect clutche very very soon.. any moment. Our happiness is ruined only by Idiot (see below) and assumption that Lisa (L.p.knoblochi type 2) will have no eggs this year again. What we can do.. she is just rejecting any closer relationship with Bart.. In spite of it our incubators are quite full. Actualy we have just only two and our eggs got plenty of space there, but even that.... :)


Double happy event. Today Tkanicka made her four eggs (L.t.c. apricot) and in evening another four eggs from Kleopatra (L.p.p). So totaly we have 23 eggs now.


Today happend two connected events. One of them made us happy, second one not. Snezenka (albino L.r.) laid 3 nice eggs and still she had at least another 3 inside, but unfortunetly we must to get away for a few hours and when we got back so Snezenka was empty, but Zvonecek (male alb. L.r.) was more than full and no eggs anywhere.. not hard to guess where they disappeared in. So it's a lesson for next time and Zvonecek got nickname "Idiot of the season". Fortunetly we at least took away that first three eggs and placed them in incubator.


Today Konvalinka (albino L.ruthveni) laid (in spite of her thin shape) 5 nice big eggs. Congrats, she had surprised us in very nice way.


Today Mr. Koralek had laid 7 nice, big and healthy eggs. Within a month or so we also expect clutches from two Pastel Kings, two from LPPs, two from albino Lr and one from Campbelli apricot.



Today has born our little Barunka. She is our stunning sunny sweetheart :)


Feb 2008

We have finished brumation period.


Domain (www.) was registred and redirected to, the same with, and


We have started to work on this pages.

August 2007

L.t.c.- apricot with nice orange rings had hatched. Also one L.p.p. hatched - unfortunetly had problem with feeding so died soon.

July 2007

4 beautiful Pastel Kings 2,2 just hatched. Unfortunetly 1,1 had died within two weeks, but another two : Neo and Trinity II are doing quite well and make us happy. Also Ramik (L.p.p.) laid 3 eggs.

June 2007

Our first hatchling ever found its way to this world. His name is Kulisek (Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli - 50% apricot). It's unbelievable but not even after his first halfday on the Eartch he had eaten his first pinkie and furiously attacked anything what.. just everything. If he will eat like this another year so he will weight more than his father Provazek, who is so far our unbeatable biggest snake we have. Tkanicka (L.t.c.- apricot) had laid 3 eggs.


Pastel King female Mothership laid 9 eggs, 2 of them were not fertilized.

April 2007

Mr. Koralek laid her first clutch - 6 eggs. Unfortunetly we had found them late, but one egg we saved so one snake got his time in the world.

November 2006

There are comming another oversea members of our snake collection. This time all of them were Pastel Kings : one year old couple (Fry and Mothership), young female who had died within a month, heterozygote male who had died too (problems with feeing). Two heterozygote females Amy and Mamba. 3rd one unfortunetly had arrived dead on the airport. In short it was very tragic and unhappy month, so pity.. :(

August 2006

Instead of a little problematic Zvonecek we are getting Bledulka, but Zvonecke still stay with us until end of his days.

January 2006

Without any visible reasons Trinity had died. She was one of most beautiful snakes we have ever had. May be even the most beautiful one.

October 2005

There are comming first oversea members of our snake collection : Lisa, Bart, Homer and Marge (Lampropeltis pyromelana knoblochi - type II), and most important : Pastel Kings : Leela, Trinity, Bender and Morfeus.


We have registrated domain (www.)

July 2005

Our snake family got another members : Tkanicka and Provazek (Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli - apricot), Kulicka (Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli), Snezenka, Konvalinka, Zvonecek and Balicek (Lampropeltis ruthveni - albino)


First two vivs are set up.


We got new roommates.. Nefi, Kleo a Ramik came. As revealed later so Ramik is sort of HER and Nefi on the other hand is sort of HIM.. more Him than Her.. in spite of original info.. :) (Lampropeltis pyromelana pyromelana, although breeder informed us that it should be Lampropeltis pyromelana woodini).


Mr. Koralek had come to share our flat with us (Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli).

summer 2004

Mr. Koralek was born. Later on it turned out that it was a little bit more Miss than Mister.. :)


Martina was born.


Radim was born.

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