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Lampropeltis pyromelana knoblochi

When cvbwe have seen this photo of Lampropeltis pyromelana knoblochi type II (on the left) for the firs time so we knew that we must have this King and direct descendant of this very snake. So we started to hunt for from where did this photo come.. and after some time of prowling (even Hercule Poirot should not be ashamed for it) we have found that "Photosnake" belongs to Steve Osborne and is basic ingredience of his L.p.k.II. raising.

fd Fortunetly it turned out that Steve is not only experienced breeder, but also experienced bussinesman, so he has experience with shipping animals to EU and also particulary to Czech. So in Feb 2005 we have agreed on terms and in Oct 2005 we had 2,2 L.p.k.II at home. And as side(but very important)effect is necessary to understand our fascination by Pastel Kings, which we have instanly fallen in love to. And which finally had arrived together with L.P.K.II and got immediately 1st place in our breeding program regarding Kingsnakes.

L.P.K.II, which we have, unfortunetly do not reach so nice coloration as their father, but we hope that we will be successful and will get some similar hatchling in following generations. Unfortunetly in mid 2008 we have realized that our most nice and biggest L.P.K.II is not female, but male. So we have only one small female.. Not easy.. But what is easy in human life? :)

Current status : 3,1
Planned status : 4,8

Individuals :

  • 1,0 named Homer, CB05, a little bit darker snake, which unfortunetly eats quite sporadically, so even after 3 years he does not have adult size.

  • 1,0 Bart, CB05, even darkes than Homer, but fortunetly eating very well and adult size just when 1 year old.

  • 0,1 Lisa, CB05, it's unbelievable how much he can eat... when 1 year old he was even much bigger than Bart. He has beautiful colors and patterns. Nice bright colors, big portion of white, narrow black bordering. Unfortunetly he is HE. For first two years we were convinced that he is she.. that's why name Lisa.. Our hope and plan was to got eggs from her and Bart. But for now.. the only female is Marge, so it's gonna be about Marge and Lisa "relationship" in future..

  • 0,1 Marge, CB05, darker, completly number one in "how to eat as little as possible" contest. So not surprisingly she is our smallest L.P.K.II, we are worry that she will not even slightli achieve size of adult.

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