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Lampropeltis pyromelana pyromelana

When htfwe got Mr. Koralek so he inspired us so much, that we have started to search for more and more data and info about Kingsnakes. And that's how we found photos of Lampropeltis pyromelana woodini, which we started immediatly to like and decided that these kind if Kings will be just second one which we will breed. Ano so it also happend.

When breeder was handling snakes to us we have realised that it's morelikely L.p.pyromelana, but we have decided to keep them and we do not regret. Thanks to them we have acknowledged ton of pyromelanas positives and we became very fond of them because of their calmness, elegance and natural beauty.cng And although Pastel Kings are our favourite kind, we should admit that Pyromelanas are just great to handle and breed. Just ideal.

Their advantage and disadvantage at the same time for a breeder is fact that their clutches contains less eggs than of the others Kings, just 2-4 officially, but to be honest our average clutch is more than 4 eggs. Their home are mountains areas and so it means colder areas, where is not so much time and warm for reproduction, so less but bigger eggs is quite good strategy. The same of course valid also for L.p.k.II and L.p. generally.

d In raising we prefer L.p.k.II due to their exceptional and interesting patterns. Not mentioning our desire to raise snake similar to that one male with which founded Steve Osborne from Professional Breeders his breeding of L.P.K.II.

Current status : 1,2
Planned status : 1,2

Our individuals :

  • 1,0 named Nefertity, CB04, Nefertity was originally female, but when we see her/him with Ramses (who we thought to be male originally) in action, we were made to accept a fact that she is he. So we have realized, that not all the time things are really what they appear to be.. :)

  • 0,1 Ramses, CB04, thanks to sexy story above we knows that he is a female.

  • 0,1 Kleopatra, CB04, the only gender stable L.p.p. in our breeding :D and also biggest of whole Lpp trinity

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