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Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli (apricot)

And here uogit all began. With L.t.campbelli. It was quite longer time we liked Kingsnakes, but all that time we thought they are venomous, so we skipped this possibility while thinking about which viv animal (reptile) we will take and add it to our fish breeding. We will not let you to think and guess about that for long time.. it was not to be lizard.. not even spider.. gecko also not.. but chameleon. We have read a lot about it. We spent two hours asking poor assistant in pet shop who was so unlucky that was on duty at that time and additionaly had known something about chameleons.

Next day we have entered pet shop determinated to buy and take chameleon with us to our home. Fortunetly there was quite bunch of people in front of us so we were trying to spend that waiting time by watching vivs with chameleons a were trying to recognize that "best" one. Just next to chameleon vivs were vivs with Kingsnakes, so we were watching them too. We were silently admiring them and in a low voice regreting that they are venomous so we cannot buy them. And like "Deus ex machine" there have appeared out of nowhere mysterious man and said : "Not exactly, in fact Kingsnakes are non venomous snakes" and disappeared again. So it was decided and when shop assistant (yes, exactly the very same one we were questioning day before) came to (moreless formaly) ask us how he can help us, we both told him in one voice that Kingsnake.

It was quite obvious that he is apparantly consternated and could not deal with it for a few moment. Probably it's not happening so often that one day is someone asking him several hours about one specific animal and trying to discover even what music that animal prefer. And next day that very same person is comming to buy w/o any question completly diff animal. cv At the end (after his several attempts to sell us chameleon) he finally agreed to sell us Kingsnake. We were deciding between L.t.c. and L.mexicana mexicana, and finally we have decided for first possibility. We were told that it's male, so we named him Mr. Koralek (in CZ kingsnakes are called Koralovky, Koralek means bead in CZ lang., so Koralovky means that that animals are like assembled from beads). Of course finally later on we have realised that in fact it's Mrs. Koralek :) But we kept to call him Mr. due to tradition.

Later on we got female L.t.c. Apricot from our colleagues. We have started to like her a lot, so we have acquired also Apricot male from Mr. Chadima and female L.t.c., too (of course it all had happend in time when we thought that Mr. Koralek is male..).

And in 2007 we have added also two hatchlings from our own breeding program. One is pure Apricot and one 50%. We would like to keep L.t.c apricot breeding in future too, although we will keep them in minimal group and only because they are different than our others Kings, you know they are appropriate contrast to our Pastels and other albinos, which are quite bright and light.. so a little darkness of L.t.c. Apricot is quite refreshing and welcome. And Mr. Koralek we are keeping and will keep forever from pure nostalgy. Till end of her days which we hope are quite far away..

Current status: 2,4
Planned status : 2,4 (but only 2,3 apricot inc.)

Our individuals :

  • 0,1 Mr. Koralek, CB04, L.t.c. female with common white ring, common black tipping on it. On neck rings are crooked a little bit, always hungry, our oldest snake, we will keep her forever as our mascot :)

  • 0,1 Kulicka, CB05, L.t.c. female with common white ring, quite heavy black tipping on it. She will not be part ouf our breeding program anymore

  • 1,0 Provazek, CB05, L.t.c.apricot male, practicaly no tipping, nice bright colors, regular ring. Very nice piece of snake, he is our basic ingredience in L.t.c. Apricot breeding program. Also our biggest eater we have ever had.. so consequently also our biggest snake.

  • 0,1 Tkanicka, CB05, apricot female, unfortunetly common tipping presented, but her and Provazek descendant (female) has rich and bright orange rings, much more rich than their parents and we hope it will last like that till her adult age.

  • 0,1 Snurka, CB07, apricot female born here at our home, descendant of Tkanicka and Provazek

  • 1,0 Kulisek, CB07, 50% apricot male, another snake born within our breeding program, descendant of Koralek and Provazek

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