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Our Raising

Our dsexperiencies with raising are minimal so far, actualy we have done only one year of raising finished, additionaly we did not even expect clutches last years, as we did not put Kings into brumation. In spite of it we got four clutches (totaly 18 eggs) and we kept only 4 snakes out of it (1,1 Pastel King, 1,0 L.t.c. 50% apricot and 0,1 L.t.c.apricot).

dsf In y2008 incubation (used 28,5 Cel. degrees) happend most time in temporary incubator built up from aquarium and heater w/ thermostat, as substrate was used peat. In 2nd half of incubation period we procured real incubator with heating cable installed in cover and as substrate vermiculit, temperature was still kept on that 28,5. This year we are having this one plus one really professional incubator made by Fort company. So we will see.. right now we are in middle and I should say.. so far so good.

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