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Pastel Kings

These fvmost beautiful (at least we consider them so) Kingsnakes are hybrids, which were created by crossing extremly orange Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri with albino form of Lampropeltis ruthveni and than again crossing between descendants to get pure albino form, plus again and again adding thayeri blood to minimize apearance of ruthveni pattern and make stronger thayeri variability in the strain. In world exist several bloodlines of Pastel Kings, mainly in US and UK. We consider as best one and best known bloodline from Steva Osborn and his wife Karen from San Diego, California, USA.

We started to love Pastel Kings just on his pages which we have originally visited because of his another wonderful strain : Lampropeltis pyromelana knoblochi type II. But from finance point of view it's quite demanding strain, so at the begining we even did not thing about affording them.. But we were longing for them and within a time we have started to be quite crazy about them and only cure for it was to procure them and so it happend.

From Steve we bough totaly 4,7 Pastel Kingů within a year (inc. 1,3 heterozygots), unfortunetly 1,3 of them died (inc. 1,1 heterozygots). Hard to say if it was only bad luck, always it were quite young hatchling. Otherwise Pastel Kings seems to be quite stable trouble free hybrid so far.

Currently we have group 4,5 where 1,1 are already from our own resources. And here is right moment that PKs proved themselves as very stable phenotype strain (of course within variablity you can expect from PK).

dssv So because of thayeri heritage you can expect quite wide pallet of possible colors and patterns, so you never know what beauty you will face when Pastel Kings start to hatch. And that's what we really love on Pastel Kings, in fact we are fascinated by that. In accordance with colors we are distinguishing these basic types :

  • Tropical Pink (TP)
  • Peach Pastel (PP)
  • Lemon Pastel (LP)
  • Coral Red (CR)

Current status : 4,5
Planned status : 11,22

Our individuals :

  • 1,0 named Morfeus, CB05, phenotype between TP and PP, beautiful and strong individual who does not reject any mouse..

  • 1,0 Bender, CB05, phenotype between LP and PP, beautiful and strong snake

  • 0,1 Leela, CB05, phenotype near to CR, first year almost no any growth.. but in 2nd she grew faster than lightspeed.. :)

  • 0,1 Mothership, CB05, but she had arrived to us later in y2006, phenotype classic PP and additionaly with reflex yellow/green color instead of white one. Beautiful and strong snake. In her 2nd year her clutch contained 9 eggs (7 fertilized). There would be nice 7 PKs unless I had more experiences. But I had not, so only 2 PK hatchling made it. We hope that that reflex color will spread a little in her hatchling.. as this color is quite amazing.

  • 1,0 Fry CB05, but he had arrived to us later in y2006, phenotype classic PP

  • 0,1 Amy, CB06, heterozygote, thayeri pattern, extremly rich orange color

  • 0,1 Mamba CB06, heterozygote, thayeri pattern, white color

  • 1,0 Neo, CB07 - born in here, phenotype so far between TP and PP, nice and hungry snake

  • 0,1 Trinity II, CB07 - born in here, phenotype so far between TP and PP, nice and hungry snake, while growing she is each month nicer and nicer, she is very promising individual, very probably she will be the one of our most nice snakes

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