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Lampropeltis ruthveni - albino form

L.ruthvenigfh may be not too interesting itself, but in spite of it reality is different, we are talking about very important Kingsnake, especialy for breeders and even more for hybrid breeders. Because exactly through L.r. came albino gene in most (if not all) of albino breeding/bloodlines. Plus.. above all of this.. albino L.r. was at the very beginning of our lovely Pastel Kings, most beautiful snakes ever.

L.r. are nice animals, but originally we did not intend to breed them. But when we have seen them at Mr. Chadima home and considered our intentions regarding our breeding/hybrid plan, we decided to get a couple. Hatchlings were not eating yet, so for a few weeks was necessary forced feeding, but after that a few weeks feeding got in order. Unfortunetly later on there appeared defect in male skeleton. It's not already visible now, but still we took him out of reproduction program.

fg Here and now comes the right moment for public thanks and appreciation to Mr. Chadima for his approach. He had agreed "reclamation" almost immediatly and next year we gor replacement. It was female because meanwhile we bought also couple of L.r.- albino from . It's beind said that honest breeder you cannot not recognize for sure till troubles appear. Here troubles appear and Mr. Chadima proved himself as trustworthy breeder. The very same experience we have with Steve Osborne, too. So totaly we have 2,3 L.r.- albino, but for raising just jen 1,3.

Current status : 2,3
Planned status : 2,4

Our individuals :

  • 1,0 named Zvonecek, CB05, by color very nice individual with huge apetit, but unfortunetly due to defect not applicable for breeding

  • 0,1 Snezenka, CB05, healthy, always ready to eat. Just our beauty.. also very vital individual and biggest L.R. albino we have

  • 0,1 Konvalinka, CB05, female from Albinosnakes

  • 1,0 Balicek, CB05, male from Albinosknakes, a little bit smaller but very vital snake so we hope that he will take over Zvonecek duty w/ honor

  • 0,1 Bledulka, CB06, female from Mr. Chadima as replacement for Zvonecek, not eating a lot, so growing quite slowly, but it was the same with all others

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