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Our Kings

We have hadikstarted to breed Kingsnakes in 2005. Actualy we have started with Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli female, about who we thought for first two years that she is a male.. Than we were taken by Lampropeltis pyromelana woodini (but we procured L.p.pyromelana, anyway, both strains are already united by authorities into one only : L.p.p.), Lampropeltis ruthveni albino form and Lampropeltis pyromelana knoblochi type II.

As last one, but most got us Pastel King. We immediately fall in love. Pastel King, is hybrid of extremly orange form of Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri and albino form of Lampropeltis ruthveni. In world do exist a few bloodlines, as most beautiful and successful we consider Pastel King blood line from Steva Osborna which he had created.

Our Kings collection is growing quite fast. Currently we have approx 30 snakes to keep. In middle term future we plan to have up to 70 snakes to keep/hold. Basic are Pastel Kings, they should be more than a half that number. This planned number of snakes we are about to reach moreless from our own resources. Regarding kinds we would like to add only L.m.thayeri this year and nothing else for a few following years. In longterm period is quite possible that we will breed just and only Pastel Kings.

Kings are very calm and peacefull animals (we should add that it's valid only within non feeding time, within feeding they are quite nervous and any action they can respond by attack). Only very young snakes are kind of scared, nervous, agressive and fast moving (even jumping). But also even here depends on strain,gou ie. L.t.c. (at least based on our experiences) we can very clearly count into most agressive and scared ones. In opossite Pastel Kings and Pyromelanas are calmer even we can say stoical from their very hatchlinghood.. :)

Current status (Planned status in 2011) :

  • Pastel King : 4,5 (11,22)
  • L.t.campbelli : 1,2 (0,1)
  • L.t.c. Apricot : 1,2 (2,3)
  • L.p.pyromelana : 1,2 (1,2)
  • L.ruthveni albino : 2,3 (2,4)
  • L.p.knoblochi typ II : 2,2 (4,8)

So totaly : 11,16 (20,40)

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